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Our company founded in 2008 operates as a 100% Hungarian-owned undertaking and has developed itself into an undertaking capable to provide complex services in domestic and international forwarding in the recent years. As a result, we have established flexible and well-operating relations with our partners and customers.

Our principal scope of activity includes international road freight and freight organization in the territory of European countries both within and outside the European Union. Our primary goal is to satisfy the demands of our customers rapidly and accurately, taking the available possibilities into account and by means of elaboration and implementation of the best transporting solutions.

We perform our transport activity using 8 self-owned vehicles covered by all necessary insurance, valid guarantees and valid CMR insurance, all of which are equipped with a GPS-based tracking system. Our office maintains contacts with our partners and provides information about the position of the goods and vehicles, from picking up to receipt, at any time, in 24 hours a day in Hungarian, English, German, French and Romanian languages.

HU 1171 Budapest, Strázsahegyi dűlő 7.

HU 1192 Budapest, Kós Károly tér 15. II/23.

Telefon: +36 20 414 2369
Fax: +36 1 2903616